Christmas Presents For Kids 11

Carver Kids opening Gifts 12-25-11

What a morning!!! Our kids raced downstairs and tore into their gifts. This was an AWESOME Christmas for all of us!

25 thoughts on “Christmas Presents For Kids 11

  1. Making comments about what each child got for Christmas is RUDE! I guess because I am an adult I see a box with 100 dollar shoes, an ipod, specialty clothes, gift cards and so on. I am going to guess his items had more spent than the smaller kids did.

    Antisocial? It is early, the little ones are loud and excited. There is nothing wrong with the kids. Grow up. Don’t bash this family!

  2. The only thing I ever hated about Christmas, is that my whole family never opened gifts together. It’s usually my Mom, my Sister and I. My dad left my mom when I was a few weeks old, and the rest of my family are Jahova Witnesses.

  3. At least you get gifts on xmas and have family around. There are people far worse and way better out there. Appreciate the small things. I am one of the far worse. 

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