Christmas Gifts For Women In Their 30′s

Are 30 Min Full Body Workouts Great For Bodybuilding???

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24 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts For Women In Their 30′s

  1. i’am a beginner in bodybiulding , i have this quetion : can i biuld my body an devalop my muscles with out the protein products only with the protein from the food ? and how much time would that take ?

  2. just eat train slep dont worry about the destination, enjoy the journey, soon youll care more about numbers and PR’s rather than obsessing in the mirror day to day waiting for gains. a watched pot never boils my friend

  3. He doesn’t want it that bad. Looking for the easy way out. I’m married, work a full time, I also have a 3yo and a newborn at home PLUS I’m a volunteer FF going through a training academy 4 days a week after work. Leave for work at 6am, get home at 11pm. That means I only have 3 days to hit the gym, but I bust my ass for 90 minutes each time I’m in there. Luckily I have a good woman at home that puts up with my bullshit.

  4. protein powder is not going to make you gain more muscle than if you just got the protein from regular food. its just for variety and convenience. if you are looking to get attention from average people who don’t train, you can expect it to take 6-12 months. if you want to impress a real bodybuilder that might take around 5 years

  5. You’ve shown me how little you know. You’re telling me you can put as much effort into your 10th set of presses as your first. Give me a break. I use to do that, and the progress is slow as hell. My upper lower routine has me hitting PRs every workout, and I was using a bro split 5 years before. And it show’s how little you know with regard to the enhanced aspect. Body part splits only came about BECAUSE of steroids, and that’s the reasons these splits are so prevalent today

  6. and so you’re informed, every cover model will be on something, and they probs use bro splits. So you can’t compare them either. Given your views I’m sure you’ve never tried a higher frequency split (I’m sure you’ll tell me you have and how bad it was), but just try it and I will almost guarantee it will give you better results (assuming you lift that is. Inb4 you give me your amazing 260kg deadlift ant 180kg bench.

  7. I read what you wrote, your comment was flagged as spam

    Explain to me what reason you have to believe hitting a muscle more intensely with less frequently is beneficial for bodybuilders? Or this just a baseless comment

    You have no idea that fullbody was the ORIGINAL regime for BODYBUILDERS

  8. it is my personal observation that most guys on bro splits are ignorant and train that way for the sake of entertainment because if they knew better they would be training differently. just because a guy is big doesn’t mean he will optimize your progress. to all you souls out there, get the fuck off this video and study doggcrapp training if you are more interested in results than sub par results.

  9. couldn’t agree more, splits may have their place, but I can speak from my experience and for many others that full body routines are more optimal for the vast majority

  10. Full body may be better, but there’s no way you can fit enough volume in a 30 min full body workout to see decent results imo, which is the real topic of the video.

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