Christmas Gifts For Men Under €99

14 Christmas Must-Gifts For Guys

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Here’s is my Gift Guide for GUYS! 14 of the coolest, funniest and my awesome gift ideas for any all all boy, guys, or official men on your holiday Christmas gift-giving list!

Wait til you see what I’ve found! Go to my blog for the official list with links:

1. DIY “mugstache” mustache mug – cost me a to make:

2. Old School Calculator iphone Cover -
(they also have an old camera style phone cover, old nintendo controller, and an old radio)

3. Football Salt & Pepper Shakers-

4. Bacon Candies – mmmm gross, I know.

5. Bacon Pop -

6. Bacon Toothpaste – yes, I taste it in the video…mmmm smokey

7. Star Wars Mimobot Flash Drive -

8. Men’s Mustache Socks –

9. Chrome Azzaro Colgne – smells soooooo good!!! I’ve seen it a few places or just click the link.

10. Guitar Pick Punch – make your own guitar picks!

11. Toilet Tee Time Golf – (my dad’s gonna love this!)

12. World’s Largest Underwear – ha ha ha ha –

13. Native Union Pop Phone – phone for your cell phone, ipad, iphone or computer-

14. Turtle Beach DX11 Dolby Digital Sound Headphones – www.
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Merry Gift Giving and Christmas…you will be a hit this holiday with these gift ideas! hugs and candy canes, kandee

25 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts For Men Under €99

  1. this guy i like loves bacon and im a vegetarian so i think im going to give him all the bacon foods and toothpaste for Christmas just to see his reaction

  2. MEGA-MUG! cute phone case! haha! salt and pepper shakers! my dad would love them! bacon candy lol! bacon pop! ha! ill get my dad bacon toothpaste! i personaly like the hard drives! i love moustaches! i love that pick punch so cool! my cousin will love the bathroom golf thing! imma get my dad the underwear. im gettin the phone thing not the case but you know! :P i would like the headphones for call of duty i love that game!

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