Christmas Presents For Men Who Have Everything

Christmas Gift Ideas For Guys Part 1


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1- Slippers- £28:

2- Socks- Christmassy 3 pairs for £7:
- Contrast 5 pack for £12:

3- Pyjamas- Spiderman (because Spiderman rocks!) £20:

4- Video Game- Batman Arkham city £34.99:

5- Chocolate- Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

6- Clarins Grooming Essentials Collection £30.60 (worth £56):

7- Nerf Gun- Stampede £39.97:

8- Transformer- I couldn’t find a link to Ironhide, so this is Optimus Prime (nearly as badass!) £59.99:

9)- iPad 2 £399:

10- Wooly Hat £10: – Flatcap £12: – Trilby £40:

- Patterned scarf £12: – Cable knit scarf £16:

- Gloves £10:

11- Remote control helicopter (not sure there is such a thing as a remote control robot yet… so I chose this one because it has a camera on it!) £40:

12- American Crew Shampoo and Forming Cream Gift Set £14.95 (worth £23.40):

13- Modern Warfare 3 £39.99:

14- Tweed Blazer £150:

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  1. My goodness… Likes (or loves since he is sitting next to one covered in scarves looking a little silly:) children, says things like “socks are cool” and is older on the inside than he looks on the outside…? Hello Doctor!!!

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