Christmas Presents For Women

10 Christmas Presents For Rich Kids

10 Christmas Presents For Rich Kids

If your parents are millionaires then maybe you’ll be getting one of these 10 Christmas Presents For Rich Kids.

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26 thoughts on “Christmas Presents For Women

  1. the funny thing is,my family is rich yet I do not own a lot of personal items,I do not have an Iphone or a 50 inch flat screen,the things I have gotten that were not presents in the past few years I paid for using money I made at work…everybody is so shocked when they find out about this…I find their reactions very funny

  2. Rich Kid: I’m so poor!!!!
    Me: NO YOU’RE NOT!!!
    Rich Kid: Yes I am!!!!
    Me: Fine. What’s your favorite flavor of Ramen Noodles?
    Rich Kid: What are Ramen Noodles?
    Me: I’ve made my point.

  3. Christmas in reality is abut giving, when I get rich rich Im going to give presents to the less fortunate that would make them happy and/or benefit their life the most at that moment, Which can also be considered another gift, their reaction of great gratitude and shock. which I would love to see.

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