Best Christmas Presents For Women 2013

What I Got For Christmas (Shopping ideas for 2013!)

This video is meant to be a fun sampling of some of the cute things I got for Christmas & hopefully give you some ideas of what you might want to give someone for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. through the new year.

14 thoughts on “Best Christmas Presents For Women 2013

  1. I didnt make a video, as I had it all put away before I saw others doing the videos.

    I hope we ALL have a better year then the one previously

    Thats neat that you too got a stocking, thats one of my favorite parts every year. It makes me feel little again. Im *cough*45*cough* now but I still love opening that stocking

    Another great video!

  2. I’m 33 & to be perfectly honest, if I didn’t get a stocking I’d probably cry! LOL
    We all get one in our family & it’s a pretty big deal. Some years the stuff inside is worth a good amount of money, others it’s fun trinkets & things that we’ve picked up throughout the year. Either way it’s one of my favorite parts too. I get to put together both Mom’s & Grandmother’s stockings so I have a blast looking for little things they will love. Happy New Year burplecow!

  3. hahaha sense, scents….anybody? Girl I love ya!! Pretty necklace sister! Oh my goodness I WANT that baby mirror!!!! love love love!!! You got some lovely things sister!! :) Enjoy them all!! love ya sis! xo Kristin 

  4. I’m so glad someone laughed at that! :) The baby mirror was my favorite gift not only for the cute factor but because my mister knows I love makeup! Thanks for the encouragement sis! xo

  5. I’m on it! I’ve got a new camera so I’m working on filming my mascara routine as my first tutorial. You are so sweet Carla! Thanks for the feedback!

  6. I haven’t for 1 reason…I have no idea what people want to see! My friend suggested a short video on how to perfectly boil an egg. Ideas? Thanks for always commenting Cathy!!! :)

  7. I’m really looking forward to the video on your mascara weapon! As always, I love your videos, I love listening to you…you have such a sweet, soothing voice. I love that “baby” mirror…so cute!!!

  8. Thank you so much MsBeelady!!! I have the mascara video filmed, just need to edit & do my voice over. I hope you like it, I’ve turned so many ladies in my family & female friends on to my ‘weapon!’ :)

  9. Just came across your video and I think u are amazing.. I’m from Staten Island New York and I am an Alabama Fan Especially Football And Softball.. Roll Tide… I’m also loving your accent and the y’all and def what u got for Xmas and I will be running out to try and find that cup cake cookbook my son will thank you.. Also I’m not sure if u decided what to do with the beauty related items u didn’t want anymore u said something about donating them will if u do I know some families here who lost

  10. Everything during Hurricane Sandy and many lost it all and can’t afford those types of items when they are trying to put all they have back into rebuilding there homes and stuff for the kids and the donations that came in are for your basics like food water clothes nothing in the beauty department so I’m trying to put together care packages for them many of the woman are not themselves cause they don’t feel pretty they lost everything so I want to do something for them so if you are interested

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